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Founded in 2016, VIKVIZ.com is a booming China-based online store that offer video surveillance system. We aim to provide quality product at extremely fair prices.From the moment vikviz.com was built, our goal of enabling people from almost every country of the world to experience the reliable online shopping was set. With competitive price, undoubted high quality and considerate customer service, vikviz.com will spare no efforts to meet the customers’requirements. As what all vikviz.com staffs have always borne in mind: Your satisfaction is our destination.

What We Can Do

 In densely populated urban environments or remote suburb, CCTV monitoring plays a crucial role, and not just for keeping an eye on unruly behavior after pubs and nightclubs close for the evening.

And with our perseverant efforts to pursuit high qulity ip camera, our considerate customer services, and our ultimate care for our honorable customers, vikviz.com is growing into an experienced and professional online shopping website, providing professional video surveillance equipment.

To choose VIKVIZ.com is to make a trusty friend who will source only the best goods for you, with professional video surveillance support team, 24/7 customer support and professional remote guidance.


What We Want to Do

 Our mission is to help global customers to purchase safe and reliable CCTV surveillance equipment to monitor and protect their property family and children anytime and anywhere.

Though we have a professional team and produce quality products there are customers still would meet their problem on the using of the products we are devoting to help customers solve the problem face-to-face so that no matter what brand of products they are using, they will not encounter a problem and then give up using them.





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